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EXCLUSIVE 5.5d Rt3 Van

Hello, I've got my Rt3 Navituner E400 in use with the Van Bus 5.5D software. I updated to Windows 10, but I'm now getting a blinking cursor when I load the software. I've installed the whole DVD software thing. 5.5D Linux does work on Van Bus, if anyone's got a link, please post. Jan 9, 2012 Does anyone have the.exe file for 5.5D RT3 driver for Windows. I have a MKI Tazzel and I was wondering if I could get the file to update. Nov 23, 2012 I have a 807 van bus rt3 navituner E400 and I have the new 5.5d van bus software from satnavplanet and the maps as well as vb44 for my rt3 is there any other way of getting this 5.5d as i dont have the original installer disc to update as Ive tried to use the new exe file and it doesnt work I've got an RT3 Navituner V5.5d and I'm having a few issues with it, 1, it's not picking up 2G broadband, and 2, I can't get it to pick up my IPhone. 5.5D Van Bus driver for XM Lina as on 1CD for RD3 mini is no longer available - XM Lina database has been updated. For XM Lina, there are new XM Lina maps (for the UK). These are available in the CD for the RD3 Mini - they are in XM Lina format. If you have the CD, it is recommended to update your driver software for you RT3 to the latest version. Jan 6, 2012 Have an rt3 mini, cd has rt3 mini but no.5d please help Moved to "Moved to obituary list" (Dec 12, 2016). Aug 20, 2015 ok can you give me the 5.5d rt3 van driver or the link. I have an rt3 mini and the software version is 5.4 d so it needs to be 5.5d Aug 19, 2015 Firmware 5.5D Favourite Car Sat Nav Software 2005 and up for Volvo XC60 2003 to 2015. The VAN BUS RT3 system works great with the DVD Navigator 2005, Windows XP SP2. be359ba680

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